Craig street

Project Description

Two properties back from the beach and built approx. 25 years ago using the Hardies plaster sheet system and lowest price contractors, the cladding failed miserably both on the inside and out. The house was originally designed by a well-known and reputable Architect to fit on a small, difficult and irregular site.
The home had been a renter the whole of its life and was not in good repair. There was a good view of the sea from the upper floor and it was nestled amongst quality homes. Our brief was to maximise its market value by re-cladding and new interior fit-out.
Stripping the exterior cladding revealed a multitude of sins by the previous, including poor nailing of frames and ineffective flashings. There was a huge amount of water damage to the framing, lintels and structural beams.
Working closely with a surveyor and council building inspectors we worked through the issues. The home is now as watertight as any home could be. The Hardies was replaced with a vertical cedar cavity system. Exterior joinery replaced with Double glazed Vantage Metro windows and doors.
The interior was completely fitted out which included straightening walls and installing a Rondo framed metal battens for ultimate straight level and flat ceilings.
We built and repaired the home to a standard that it would always achieve its maximum dollar value and would not be constrained by its history of a leaky building. When completed it sold for $1,750,000. 4 years later it was sold on for $2,300,000. We achieved what we set out to do and, although it was a stressful build, it gave a huge amount of satisfaction when completed.

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May 2017