Dove place

Project Description

Built in Albany overlooking Lucas Creek the home is built on an elevated section. The owners wanted a 240 square home to be designed around their family interests and lifestyle. They also wanted a home that would endure, avoiding leaks or rot.
Alan Shanahan Architects were commissioned to design the house using tried and tested bevel back weatherboards on a cavity with a colour steel roof.
The base construction was concrete block with compacted Gap 40 base course fill and concrete floor.
The relief calling on the single storey is solid plaster on lathes again with a cavity system.
The home is also designed with a generous soffit on all its perimeter walls.
The owners brief was also to include a void and gallery at the entrance.
The external joinery was supplied by our preferred supplier Vantage North Shore and, to date, has been trouble-free.
The home has surpassed all its expectations and will continue to provide the family with a comfortable, practical, and maintenance-free living for many years to come.

Project details

Project Type:

New Build


Alan Shanahan

Completion Date:

May 2017


Schnapper Rock