Cable Road, Auckland

This project involved building a deck with a roof in the Muriwai Valley, where the clients could enjoy their bush setting and connect seamlessly with the environment.


New build

Working in the Muriwai Valley against the backdrop of mature Rimu, Kauri, and Punga is always an experience never to be avoided. Visually the mix of colour and the backdrop of the blue sky and coupled with snow white clouds against the never-ending shades of green is an artist palette.

Our clients wanted to get more enjoyment out of their bush setting by being able to step out of their lounge and walk across a floor to almost touch the leaves and be a part of the environment. This had been our client’s vision and dream for many years past and now it was to become a reality.

Smart Design

Our brief was to build a deck that was wide enough to accommodate a large gathering. Be solid under foot and comfortable to walk on in bare feet and visually appealing.

A roof built over the deck adjacent to the lounge and dining areas was paramount to their lifestyle. It was also important for the roof to be connected seamlessly to the existing building with the sides and gable end open so that the views of the bush and hills were unobstructed.

There was also the problem with the steep fall away from the house which was causing  problems with the existing deck. This necessitated the need for a Geo Tec report to establish the suitability of the terrain and the engineering specifications that would be required for the foundations and structure.

All building products used in construction were of the highest quality and designed to last for a lifetime of use and enjoyment. The building also had to be visually appealing and look as if was in step with the original home and not an add-on but a seamless flow.

With the build now complete I believe we have delivered to our clients the expectations and lifestyle they have always worked towards with regards to their slice of paradise in Muriwai Valley.

The bush at the rear of the house has now been flood lit to take entertaining or just relaxing to the next level. For us as builders It has been a most satisfying and enjoyable build.